"Extolling Excellence


Discouraging Satisfaction with the Second Rate"




It is our extreme pleasure to welcome you to the official web presence of the magnificent and award-winning, Sigma Kappa Zeta Chapter of Brooklyn, New York.


Sigma Kappa Zeta Chapter is dynamic, driven and unwavering in its mission to promote positive changes in the educational and economic stations of all women and girls by providing relevant, digestible, quality and empowering service outreach within the community. Sigma Kappa Zeta has been recognized numerous times throughout Brooklyn, New York State, the Atlantic Region and all of Zetadom as one of its preeminent chapters.


This site was designed to showcase several components of our strong community partnership and commitment to uphold the legacy of our National Service Initiative - Z-HOPE: Zetas Helping Other People Excel through MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. The Ladies of Sigma Kappa Zeta hope that your visit to our virtual home is inspiring and informative about our beloved Sisterhood and our mission. We encourage you to use this site as a resource regarding all of our service outreach programs and chapter events.

Sigma Kappa Zeta also extends its warmest welcome to Sorors in search of a chapter home. We are a hard-working chapter, so come on home Sorors and join in our efforts to change the mind, body and spirit of Brooklyn through Z-HOPE !!!


Sincerely yours,

The Sorors of Sigma Kappa Zeta Chapter


Brooklyn, New York