SKZ's Archonette Members Featured in 'Brooklyn Eagle'

On Friday, February 22, members of our Archonette Youth Group visited Kings County Civil Court to participate in its annual Black History Month celebration. On top of that, these young ladies were featured in an article in the "Brooklyn Eagle," due to their contributions at the event.

The theme of the court's Black History Month celebration focused on the topic of “Black Migrations,” which Supervising Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo spoke about.

Zyir Hester and Arielle McLean, served as the masters of ceremonies for the event. The winners of our 2019 Zora Neale Hurston Oratorical Contest - Jioma McLaughlin, Jasira Watson Brewster, Aliyah Mayers and Ketura McQueen - read their speeches. The topic of their speeches was their answer to the question — have the U.S. and its citizens met the goal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

Later on in the program, the young ladies were each presented with certificates by Hon. Cenceria Edwards, Hon. Lisa Ottley, Hon. Deborah Dowling and Leah Richardson for their amazing work.

Congratulations to our Archonettes!

Notable mention, to our Top 4 2019 Zora Neale Hurston winners: 1st Place: Ketura McQueen 2nd Place: Aliyah Mayers 3rd Place: Jasira Brewster 4th Place: Jioma McLaughlin

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